Striving for a fair and competitive marketplace.

We exist to promote a fair and fully competitive Internet marketplace where our members can deliver the full benefits of the Internet to the New Zealand public and our economy.

  • We improve New Zealand’s poor international ranking for broadband uptake
  • We enable New Zealand businesses to become more competitive internationally through use of Internet enabled technology
  • We improve Internet pricing and services for ordinary Kiwis
  • We enable New Zealand to reap significant economic benefits as it becomes a broadband enabled society

We strive to

  • promote and facilitate the effective functioning of the Internet in NZ as an open system.
  • promote wide connectivity and diverse styles of delivery for the Internet.
  • promote a fully competitive market place for Internet Services.
  • inform concerning the possibilities for advancement of Internet services in NZ, and contribute to the wide understanding of the techniques and economics used in providing telecommunications infrastructure for the Internet.
  • encourage diversity, innovation, cooperation and independence for Internet Service Providers, resellers and Internet users in NZ.

David Haynes

ISPANZ Chief Executive

Our Board

Shaun Fisher


Seeby Woodhouse

Vice President

Steve Richie


Mark Frater

Board Member

Mike Stevenson


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